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January 18, 2022

Umami Docs

What to expect

A brief walkthrough of the steps I took to deploy Umami web analytics for my personal website, as documented in a short Twitter thread.

07:50pmMonths ago I removed GA from my #RStats #blogdown site & this weekend I added 🍚 (@caozilla) as an open source, privacy-friendly, web analytics alternative

I was intimidated by the self-hosting aspect, but the docs + @Railway made it possible! Steps in 🧵


07:50pmSteps I followed:

  1. Install Railway CLI with Homebrew

  2. Install PostgreSQL with Homebrew

  3. Fork Umami repo & follow steps in “Running on Railway from a forked repository” at

  4. Clone repo locally w git


07:50pm5. Link local setup to Railway project in the terminal w/ railway link <projectid>. Project ID is in the Railway dashboard under Setup

  1. Create PostgreSQL tables using railway run in local umami directory + steps in “Create database tables” at

07:50pm7. Deploy with railway up! 🚄

  1. Follow steps in Umami Getting Started docs to login & add website

  2. Add tracking code to website. In my #HugoApero #blogdown site I added it to layouts/partials/head.html. My example at

Tracker Configuration

07:50pm10. In order to not track my own visits to my site, I followed the tip in @DeepankarBhade’s post and disabled Umami from my browser’s local storage. He kindly explained the steps to me in this thread 😅


07:50pmA note about Railway pricing

I’m using the free tier, the Starter Plan, which has $5 of credits. In the past 2 days I’ve used $0.7258 of my credits & it’s estimated I’ll use $3.04 by the end of the month. My site receives relatively low traffic, so YMMV

07:51pmThere is a free-ish $10 credit Railway plan available also, where you would only get billed for any usage above $10

For a fully free & more adventurous experience you could give up the convenience of Railway & self-host! See the Umami docs for options


07:51pmI’ll leave you with another great free, open source, privacy-friendly option, which is GoatCounter 🐐 And @mattdray wrote a blogdown post about it!

For more convos about GA web analytics alternatives, see

Updating Umami

01:52pmNote to self – how to update with new releases:

Recent update to v1.25.0

  1. Fetch upstream from my umami fork
  2. Locally in terminal, change to my umami directory
  3. git pull, npm install, railway up 🚄

🚀 #WebAnalytics

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For attribution, please cite this work as:
Canelón, Silvia. 2022. “Hello Umami: Deploying a Privacy-Friendly Open Source Tool for Web Analytics.” January 18, 2022.