Silvia Canelón


June 5, 2023

Interactive Map

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Philly’s Center City District posted a list of restaurants and bars participating in Philly’s 2023 CCD Sips. CCD Sips is a series of summer Wednesday evenings (5-7pm) filled with happy hour specials, between June 7th and August 30th.

I prefer to take in this information as a map instead of a list, so I scraped some information from the website and made one! You can click or tap on the circle map markers to see information about each restaurant/bar along with a direct link to their posted happy hour specials.

Check out the link at the top of this post for a larger version of the interactive map below, or take a look at CCD Sips maps from 2022 and 2019.

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Canelón, Silvia. 2023. “Philly Center City District Sips 2023: An Interactive Map.” June 5, 2023.