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June 16, 2024


July 16, 2024

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Philly’s Center City District posted a list of restaurants and bars participating in Philly’s 2024 CCD SIPS. CCD SIPS is a series of summer Wednesday evenings (5-7pm) filled with happy hour specials, between June 5th and August 28th.

Information from the website was scarped in order to present the information as a map. You can click or tap on the circle map markers to see information about each restaurant/bar along with a direct link to their posted happy hour specials.

Check out the link at the top of this post for a larger version of the interactive map below, search the table below, or take a look at CCD SIPS maps from past years.

We’ve recently augmented the map with findings from the most recent food safety inspection report made available by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health for each establishment.

Each establishment is marked “Yes” if it had any violations in either the “foodborne illness risk factors” or “lack of good retail practices” categories. Here’s a summary from the Philly Inquirer Clean Plates tool, of what these categories mean:

How to Interpret Inspection Findings

Items on inspection reports are divided into two categories:

  • “Foodborne Illness Risk Factors” (top half of the form) are food establishments’ practices or procedures that scientists say play a direct role in transmitting germs. These are given higher priority during inspections. Repeat problems are taken more seriously; those that are fixed through public health interventions during the visit, less so. Specific violations or combinations of violations may trigger reinspections, which are common.
  • “Good Retail Practices” (bottom half) are given a lower priority. Research suggests that they can prevent the conditions that lead to contamination but do not cause illness directly. But a high number of violations may indicate a problem.

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For attribution, please cite this work as:
Canelón, Silvia, and Mallori Lofton-Malachi. 2024. “Philly Center City District SIPS: An Interactive Map.” June 16, 2024.